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Sustainable cultural tourism in the Middle East

Sustainable cultural tourism in the Middle East region is on the agenda in week 44.

Kvorning Design & Communication participates in 2nd Annual Cultural Tourism Middle East in Dubai as supporting partner, speaker and exhibitor with LEGO minifigures like last year. Ready to network!

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When LEGO House, the toy company’s brand-new experience centre in LEGO hometown Billund, opens on 28. September 2017 – Kvorning Design & Communication has a finger in the pie. In close collaboration with LEGO, Kvorning has designed and produced the History Collection which showcases all the highlights since 1932.

In a continuous, close collaboration with the LEGO Group’s ever so committed and inspired employees within the historic branch, Kvorning Design and Communication has designed and developed the exhibitions for the History Collection in the base of the LEGO House; a new 12,000 square metre experience centre in LEGO’s home town Billund.

Explore childhood memories

As grown-ups and kids head down the stairs, or descend by the elevator, into the basement and the History Collection, they are welcomed by a 2 x 2 metre logotype. The visitors will explore their own childhood through the gems of the exhibition: LEGO products will convey the company’s long history though significant milestones, drawings and models. Here is everything a true Lego fan could possibly imagine. Of course, there are also animations of kids playing in classic scenarios, familiar to most visitors either from themselves or their kids.

LEGO® models and boxes through decades

Halfway through the collection visitors will see a light which lures them into a room resembling the interior of a giant LEGO brick. The room features an exhibition of original LEGO models and boxes through decades. Regardless of age, anyone can find a cherished LEGO box, either as a physical model or on the interactive table displaying more than 5,000 LEGO boxes. In two, big round showcases and along the walls are hundreds of original models and boxes on display to stir dear memories. History Collection is a true treasury which will steal your heart and mind.


Welcome, Sofie

Welcome to Sofie Tjæreborg Clausen, our new assistant per September 1, 2017. Sofie graduated from Christianshavns Gymnasium’s Natural Science Programme in June.


Concept for Museo Fisogni

Kvorning Design & Communication enters collaboration with Museo Fisogni in Tradate, Italy, and will create concept for an international travelling exhibition featuring the museum’s unique collection of complete inventories from old filling stations; i.e. vintage fuel dispensers, enamel plates, iconic Italian poster art, merchandise and more. The Museum is featured in Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s most comprehensive collection of these amazing artefacts – now the artefacts, their history and the smell of gasoline will reach an international audience, too.