Speaker at IMCC 2018 in Berlin

How Do We Make Museums Better? Mind The Gap!

Arne Kvorning is looking very much forward to sharing experiences and challenges on working with Danish and international museums and ‘starchitects’ … Mind The Gap! as speaker at IMCC 2018 in Berlin on November 11-13, 2018!

Excited to discuss the ultimate question further: How Do We Make Museums Better? See you in Berlin in November!

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Kvorning wins Norwegian energy exhibition

Kvorning Design & Communication is the winner in an invited ideas competition for a permanent new exhibition about the global energy and climate challenge for the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger.

Kvorning’s winning proposal will be developed and elaborated in close dialogue with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, thereby guaranteeing both the museum and its partners wide-ranging influence over the concept, content and form of the exhibition.

“We’re pleased to once again be set to collaborate with Kvorning Design & Communication on the realization of a very exciting and important exhibition at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Kvorning’s concept has been chosen because, in an incredibly effective way, it takes the exhibition space as its basis and shows how it can be used in its own right to convey the message of the exhibition. We’re looking forward to a close and fruitful collaboration and are confident that together we will arrive at a thought-provoking and interesting exhibition about the greatest challenge of our age: the energy and climate problem, with the architecture in the space, the exhibition design and the content together telling the story,” explains Head of Exhibition and Communication at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Anja W. Fremo.

Message conveyed by the space

The shape of the exhibition space forms a natural, opinion-generating component of the facilitation process. A circular exhibition with a central luminous element – an artistically stylized sun, globe or something completely different—that remains to be seen from the dialogue that emerges—immediately grabs the attention of visitors young and old, highlighting the importance of adopting a reflective approach to the energy and climate issue.

Now’s the time!

A mixture of analog and digital media gives people of all ages the low-down on fossil energy and renewable energy. Sustainability is a ’must’, but can it meet our needs, we wonder?


Interactive stations are being considered as an introduction to various forms of energy in a number of Norwegian cities, e.g. an interactive station about electricity, which is generated cheaply by Norway’s many hydroelectric power stations. There are many challenges associated with switching to green energy, but at the same time also many dilemmas.

The exhibition (120 sq.m) opens in April 2019 and was won in an invited international competition.


About the Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger, Norway, communicates the history of Norwegian oil in architects Lunde & Løvseth’s iconic setting. Since the museum opened in 1999, the Petroleum Museum has consolidated its position as the country’s key arena for research, documentation and facilitation of the contemporary history of Norway as an oil nation. The museum has some 100,000 visitors a year.


Graphics for Looking Ahead

New Publication Ready Now – ‘Looking Ahead 2018-2024: Handbook of Future US and Canadian Museum and Heritage Projects’ – MuseumINSIDER has been working together with the UK’s Department of International Trade to help UK museum and heritage suppliers identify opportunities and export to North America. One of the tools is this free E book profiling 65 museum and heritage projects across the US and Canada … with budgets totaling over $12.5 billion, scheduled to be completed within six years!

Graphic design by Kvorning Design & Communication



Kvorning at M+H 2018 Show

Meet Kvorning Design & Communication at the Museums + Heritage 2018 Show at Olympia London on 16-17 May!

Visit our stand F6 for at chat about exhibition design, interior design and graphic artwork!



‘Evidence in Rock’ now open in Alta in Norway

Kvorning Design & Communication has masterminded the World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum’s new 150 sq.m permanent exhibition, ‘Evidence in Rock’, about Alta’s world heritage, rock art, which has opened in Alta in Finnmark county, Norway.

A modern, interactive exhibition about the rock art of Alta, which includes UNESCO-protected rock carvings and rock paintings made approximately 7,000 to 2,000 years ago. Alta has Northern Europe’s largest occurrence of rock art from the hunter-gatherer society. It constitutes the most important evidence of settlements and human activity so far north during prehistoric times. And as a result it was added to UNESCO’s world heritage list as early as 1985.

The exhibition offers plenty of interaction and entertainment for everyone. Here, for example, visitors young and old can sculpt out a rock carving, go exploring in the history of Alta in the ’Landscape Game’ and generate luminescent rock carvings in the dark by lamplight. ‘Evidence in Rock’ offers experiences and activities that will wow, inform, generate debate and provide food for thought. The exhibition also includes a selfie booth with Northern Lights, buttons and infographics that conjure up and animate the magic of the spirit world of the past.

Harriet Hagan, Manager of the World Heritage Rock Art Centre at Alta Museum, states:

“With ‘Evidence in Rock’ we invite the public to enjoy experiences, participation and exploration, while at the same time encouraging their curiosity and engagement. The exhibition provides an altogether different experience to previous exhibitions, and visitors will learn about rock art by using both their hands and their heads. The museum has been working on the exhibition for many years, and we are extremely proud that we can now show it off to both the local population and all our visitors.”

The exhibition was won as part of an international competition.


Five teams prequalified for Natural Park Amager

Five teams, including SLA with Johansen Skovsted Architects, Rambøll and Kvorning Design & Communication as sub-consultants and Morten D.D. Hansen as consultant, have been selected for the project competition for Natural Park Amager. We are very much looking to the working on the team and the competition!


Kvorning is looking for interns

Are you an architecture or design master’s student? And would you like to explore whether installation art, exhibition design and spaces is your thing? Then check this out! Kvorning is looking for interns!

Kvorning Design & Communication in Copenhagen is looking for creative master’s students with a passion for doing competition work and design tasks in Denmark and internationally, in places such as Norway, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

As an intern with Kvorning at Njalsgade 21E on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen you will build lots of valuable experience while carrying out fun and exciting projects! Together, we create magical spaces and moments.

Send us a short description of yourself, examples of visualisations and a few lines on your preferred software and platforms. We work with the Adobe suite, particularly PS. Rhino is a common platform for all our 3D’s. Vray, Keyshot and FormZ are also part of the software package.

Send your application and portfolio to Arne Kvorning: by 27 May 2018, and we’ll be in touch!



Exhibition design lectures by Arne Kvorning

Exhibition design lectures by Arne Kvorning, senior exhibition designer MDD, architect MAA – info/booking +45 41 13 17 41 /


‘It is crucial with a well-established co-creational process. Then people listen to each other. Respect each other’s knowledge and backgrounds.’


‘Develop your sense of room and space, be precise in your use of the many different means of expression – be interested and open to a lot of different themes and knowledge. Be open, and listen carefully …’


‘Exhibition design is very different from working with architecture. Exhibitions should tell stories through artefacts, interpretation, and scenography.’


Focus on concept development and co-creation between museums and designers. The full process from concept to exhibition.’


Kvorning Aarhus

As of 1 May 2018 Kvorning Design & Communication will also be present in Aarhus – Sydhavnsgade 7 2nd floor, 8000 Aarhus C.


Arne Kvorning: ‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’, IM 48, 2017

‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’. Interview with senior exhibition designer and architect MAA MDD, Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication, on museum and exhibition design, Informatica Museologica 48, 2017 (issued April 2018), Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia.