Royal visit at Kvorning exhibition

The other day HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited the exhibitions at the Maritimt Kulturcenter Mariagerfjord at Hobro Harbour.

Hobro Shipyard, the oldest working shipyard for wooden vessels in Denmark, provides an authentic setting for the dissemination of the maritime cultural heritage of Denmark and the shipbuilding traditions of the area which date back to the age of Harald Bluetooth.

Kvorning Design & Communication has designed the exhibition and produced dissemination materials – indoors and outdoors – signage, lighting and more. The beautiful building sitting on the shoreline of Mariager Fjord was designed by E+N Arkitektur, Århus. The exhibition, consecrated on the Danish constitution day 2016, was produced in close collaboration with the enthusiastic volunteers of Hobro shipyard.


’The Green Box’ is a huge success

‘The Green Box’, an interactive exhibition presenting 100 cool vocational training programmes available for students in Odense, Denmark, is a huge success. Especially among 7th graders. Since the exhibition opened in October 2015, 47 schools, 155 classes and 2809 students in grade 7 to 10 have visited the exhibition and 60 classes with students aged 18 to 29, who are participating in a jobseeking/educational-programme, have seen it too.

Jørgen B. Jensen, Education Advisor at Odense Municipality says –

”’The Green Box’ has evoked a lot of enthusiasm among students as well as teachers. Combining analogue and digital features is ingenious because it reflects the reality of the vocational education programmes. This is how they work too. A concrete task and a little bit of IT. ‘The Green Box’ presents our vocational educations in a fun and informative manner. Here the youngsters can identify educations by listening and watching. Watch an animated movie. Put tiles in patterns just like a plasterer. Meet companies and educational institutions, hear about their options with regards to getting an internship or, perhaps, even get an appointment.”

Odense municipality operates ‘The Green Box’, which has been developed in liason with Kold College, Syddansk Erhvervsskole and Social- og Sundhedsskolen Fyn og Tietgen. Kvorning Design & Communication has designed exhibitions, animated movies, interactive design, lighting and more.


Photo: Praxis



‘Deep Secrets’

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger and Kvorning Design & Communication launch a new exhibition, Deep Secrets, about petroleum geology. The concept features a distinctive key idea accompanied by stunningly grand visual effects and offer facts and knowledge in a pioneering form.

The new exhibition at the Petroleum Museum, Deep Secrets, is pure Jules Vernes! Indeed! Focusing on exploration, activities and drama, lots of challenges for hearts and minds, areas with both analogue and digital attractions which stimulate collaboration, learning and play, the exhibition appeals to 12-year olds in particular – and thus involves entire families.

200 million years ago

’Deep Secrets’ explains why there is so much oil and gas embedded in the seabed off the Norwegian shores. The visitors will embark on a journey taking them 200 million years back in time to find out how algae that absorbed energy from the sunlight, sank to the bottom and were transformed into oil and gas by slow, geological processes, can give us energy today. We hope and believe that this undertaking will become the new attraction at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Our goal is to entice our visitors’ curiosity with new, exciting dissemination, grand design and a brand new, powerful architectonic element within the museum’, says Anja W. Fremo, Head of Exhibition and Communication at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

Oil stream

The design is inspired by oil and the sea. Two big, billowing walls stand as a moving stream that cuts through the exhibition space, the underwater and the underground. When you move in between the walls you will face a subsea universe with a 360⁰ 3D-narrative in moving images illustrating the oil formation process. The surfaces of the walls display facts as well as interactive elements.

Learn and play

’Deep Secrets’ have been developed through a close collaboration between The Norwegian Petroleum Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication. The joint efforts have resulted in a concept with both analogue and digital types of dissemination and interactive elements. They blend smoothly together and convert technically difficult questions and problems into simple and useful knowledge thus combining education and entertainment in a playful way.

The exhibition opens to the public on 31 May 2017 and was won in an invited competition.


‘Lorentzen’s tunnel’

The Prison Museum in Horsens, Museum of Horsens and Kvorning Design & Communication open the new permanent exhibition ’Lorentzen’s tunnel’ telling the tale of Carl August Lorentzen’s escape from a Danish state penitentiary just before Christmas 1949. The getaway was sign of exceptional willpower and an incredible tour de force which shouldn’t have been possible.

’Lorentzen’s tunnel’ tells the story of how Carl August Lorentzen escaped from the state penitentiary in Horsens just before Christmas in 1949. Sentenced to a strict long-term punishment and being in love trouble, he found the willpower to overcome the impossible barriers. On his own, almost every night for eleven months, Lorentzen dug an 18-metre-long tunnel towards light and freedom. He let a note saying: Where there’s a will, there’s a way!’ However, the taste of freedom only lasted for eight days.

A reconstruction of the tunnel
Trough interactive, analogue and digital means, the exhibition ’Lorentzen’s tunnel’ depicts elements of Carl August Lorentzen’s upbringing, placements, love life and prison sentences – and in particular, his breakout from the prison in 1949. Visitors can experience the prison department and the cell where Lorentzen served his sentence 68 years ago. Here, one can also get a closer look at the tunnel, which has been reconstructed from photos, drawings, archaeological excavations and interrogation protocols. A projection on the wall of the tunnel shows Lorentzen digging, giving an impression of the massive effort and will power it took to break the ground using only chisels and counterfeit keys.

Re-enactment of Lorentzen’s getaway
The new exhibition takes the storyline and the dramaturgic and scenographic effects successfully set up by the other sections of the exhibition a huge step further. The escape tunnel will make visitors feel that they are very close to Lorentzen during his attempted flight.

The exhibitions of the Prison museum have received tremendous international attention the last years and have won several awards; e.g. Museums+Heritage Award 2016 for best international exhibition and InAVation Award 2016 for best European AV-based storytelling. The exhibition has received funds from the Nordea-foundation.



Off to London – See you there?


Speech by Exhibition Designer Arne Kvorning: “Touching the untouchable – how to bring back life to listed buildings and heritage sites from Norway to Qatar”.

Workshop run by Kvorning Design & Communication and 10 Tons: “How to create a 3.5 meter large apple”.




Kongskilde Nature Centre – The portal to central Zealand

The new family attraction of the Danish Nature Agency at Kongskilde Nature centre opened on 30. April 2017. The centre serves as a portal to the beautiful, hilly landscape of central Zealand with lakes and forests almost at its doorstep. Kvorning Design & Communication designed the exhibition.

Kongskilde Nature centre is a fine exhibition filled to the brim with nature. The natural theme extends to materials and colours with interior details such as posters in birch veneer and green linoleum floors. Young and adult visitors are prepared for the sensory nature and culture experiences outdoors by an abundance of analogue and electronical offers.

Kvorning Design & Communication has supplied concept and exhibition design in collaboration with the Danish Nature Agency. Kongskilde Nature Centre close to Sorø offers lots of experiences for families and features both classic and interactive dissemination. The exhibition utilizes the space optimally and presents fine posters, mounted animals, exploration buttons and a seek-and-find-corner where kids and adults can contribute to the exhibition, upload their own photos at Kongskildes Facebook-page or just hang out.

Project assistant Elly Andersen, the Danish Nature Agency, says –

’We are thrilled to show our visitors the new nature centre. The area is fantastic to explore and features lovely nature experiences and interesting narratives. The exhibition also shares good stories and show how the whole family can discover those gems on their own. Eight thematic trails stretching 1 to5 km through the hilly landscape will take young and adult explorers into the heart of central Zealand’.



Changed Kvorning address in Norway

Kvorning’s address in Norway has been changed to –

Kvorning Design & Communication ApS
NO: c/o Alliance AS · Billingstadsletta 19 A · 1396 Billingstad



More glory for Horsens Prison Museum

Congratulations once again Horsens Prison Museum, this time awarded second prize in the competition Historiske Dages Fornyelsespris 2017.

Historiske Dages Fornyelsespris emphasizes and praises new, innovative, surprising and alternative ways to disseminate history and cultural heritage – ways which make them reach a broader audience.

The committee motivates the Prison Museum’s second prize with the following statement:

“The museum relates to a greater perspective, not only including the society, the offender and the sanctions but also the stories behind; for instance, how imprisonment of one parent affects families and children. Five additional sections at the museum’s exhibition, new website content and last, but not least, a Twitter-profile which focuses on the current debate on the rule of law and how we relate to those who have wronged society.”

Congratulations also to the winners Øhavsmuseet Faaborg and Anders Olling and Erik Havsteen landing the third prize. 19 contributions were nominated in total.


‘The Compartment of Dreams’

The new temporary exhibition ’The Compartment of Dreams’ at The Danish Railway Museum exploring the Danes’ train journeys abroad is designed by Kvorning Design & Communication. The exhibition features both journeys in luxurious blue Wagons-Lits carriages destined for iconic destinations and the haphazardly Interrail journeys in the worn-down, red carriages of DSB. The two different ways of travel were both offered by Danish travel agencies in the beginning of the 1970’ies.

Poetic exhibition
’The Compartment of Dreams’ is a poetic exhibition which aims to make the visitors dream themselves; to put the everyday hassle behind and indulge themselves for a short moment. Hence, the 400 m2 exhibition space is structured like a train journey; before, under and after – the preparations with the travel agency, travel packing checklists and foreign currencies, the compartments, meals and dreams and finally arriving at Gare du Nord and the city of cities: Paris.

The essence of the journey
To ensure top-class experiences, the artefacts of the exhibition have been carefully selected and have been limited to an absolute minimum. Aiming to capture the essence and the mood of the journeys and, at the same time, provide a calm and spacious setting that stimulates contemplation. Uniform backgrounds streamline the expression and secures a consistent context across the setting while interactive and analogue features complement each other across the exhibition.

The Compartment of Dreams’ opens at The Danish Railway Museum in Odense, Denmark on 18. March 2017.



‘The Compartment of Dreams’

The Association of Danish Museums (ODM / March 2017) presents the article ‘The compartment of Dreams’ about the Danish Railway Museum’s special exhibition about the Danes’ railway journeys abroad, which Kvorning Design & Communication has co-created. The exhibition opens 18 March – Take a trip to Odense and buy your ticket for the Wagon-Lits or Interrail. Enjoy your holiday and happy reading.