Kvorning Design & Communication ApS

As of June 1. 2015 Kvorning Design & Communication is registered as a limited company. New VAT no. is 37248819. The change of business structure is part of the bureau’s international growth strategy. Copenhagen (1992), Beijing (2010), London (2011), Oslo (2013) and plans for setting up in Stockholm in 2016. Ownership, team and focus on exhibition design, graphics and interior design remains the same as it has been during the bureau’s assignments in more than 50 countries around the world.


Kvorning to tell the tales of Norwegian national icon

Kvorning Design & Communication wins the assignment of a draft project and the main communication concept for the forthcoming Norwegian experience and science centre ‘Anna Karoline’ – Norsk jektefartsmuseum. The centre will convey the heritage of Norwegian jekt shipping and will be located by the Bodø lake in north-western Norway.

For more than 400 years the jekt was an important freight vessel for local tradesmen and its wide body and sails witness of the local boatbuilding traditions of the coast stretching from Vestlandet and northwards. The world’s only remaining Nordlandsjekt ‘Anna Karoline’ will form a central part in the dissemination of the Norwegian jekt shipping heritage.

The draft project will be realized in the beginning of 2016 and the main project will be developed as Rintala Eggertsson Arkitekter, Oslo, finalizes the blueprints for the stunning buildings.

The experience and science centre will be completed during the Spring of 2018.


Kvorning wins exhibition assignment for the Smack and Nature Centre at Strynø in the archipelago of Southern Funen

The archipelago is the world’s largest, flooded glacial landscape with settlements and forests under water. 55 islands and islets with a natural and cultural heritage of national value make up this fascinating archipelago. Landing this contract, Kvorning Design & Communication is now looking forward to convey amazing stories and facts so families can appreciate this treasure to the full.

Kvorning’s winning concept, ‘Above the islands and the sea’ is a thematic abstraction, which functions as a stepping stone, inviting visitors into the nature and the cultural landscape. The exhibition will prepare youngsters as well as adults for the adventures to come as they head out to see the shallow waters, the birds, the nature, the island of Strynø and the surrounding archipelago. A labyrinthine exhibition space for children will woo them into the universe of the archipelago and encourage them to discover the intriguing experiences indoors as well as outdoors.

The new exhibition of the Smack and Nature Centre at Strynø will be established on behalf of Naturturisme I/S Svendborg. The exhibition will open during the summer of 2016.


Three teams fight for Nyborg Castle project

Kvorning Design & Communication’s proposal for the revitalization of the visitor communication of the Danish medieval capital Nyborg and the king’s residence Nyborg Castle has qualified for the final, second round in the international competition.

In Team 2 Kjær & Richter A/S are lead consultants supported by Architect MAA Frank Maali and Architect MAA Gemma Lalanda, Bente Lange Arkitekter SLA, NIRAS A/S as well as Structural Engineer Keld Abrahamsen and Kvorning design & communication acting as sub-consultants.

The fight for the second round will set off in November and conclude in March 2016 with the announcement of the winning proposal. The competition is announced by Østfyns Museer, Nyborg Municipality, The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, The A.P. Møller Foundation and Realdania.

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Graphic identity and design for
e-publication, In Focus

Kvorning Design & Communication developed graphic identity and design for Museum Insider’s new e-publication, In Focus.

‘The objective of this publication is to focus on an outstanding project and illustrate the processes required, from defining the project concept at the very beginning, to evaluating visitor experience at the very end’ (Ann E. Curtis, editor).

The first issue showcases Kvorning’s exhibition project for Horsens Prison Museum in Denmark as case.

INFocus Magazine vol 1 final


Shortlisted for ‘New Trelleborg’

Kvorning Design & Communication made the shortlist in the contest for the project ‘New Trelleborg’. Five teams of architects have been invited to the second stage of the competition and will draw up their designs for the project. Kvorning Design & Communication are working with Henning Larsen Architects facing competition from Rambøll, SLA Landscape and NOUS Scandinavia among others.

“The Viking Castle is one of the finest fortresses built by Harald Bluetooth and it deserves the finest dissemination of its history. It must be a special assignment for the five teams to draft a design for a new visitor centre at such an intriguing location. I expect that the Viking age fortress at Trelleborg will be complemented by the very best solutions that our modern architects can accomplish”, says Director of the Danish National Museum Per Kristian Madsen.

The winning proposal will be announced on 29. January 2016, and the visitor centre at New Trelleborg is to be completed in 2020.


‘Exhibition Entrepreneur’

On 20 June 2015 Køge Museum will reopen and present two new exhibitions: ‘Gifts from the past’ and ‘Explosive brothers’. The exhibitions invite families to experience the intriguing history of Køge through new and fascinating stories. Honouring the renaissance building and using advanced communication technologies, the past is now more approachable than ever for all visitors. In charge of the update and the reopening of Køge Museum are Museum South East Denmark and partners in cooperation with Kvorning Design & Communication in the role as ‘exhibition entrepreneur’. The total enterprise includes final detailing, production and assembly of exhibitions and secure display cases, graphic identity, signage, interface for interactive guide and displays. The digital guide has been designed and produced together with Nous and the moving imagery was produced by Oncotype.


Prison Museum with Exceptional Atmosphere and Authenticity

The Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark, reopened on 20th May 2015, marking the 162nd anniversary of the institution. For several months the museum and Kvorning Design & Communication have worked together on concept development, exhibition design and implementation to create an exhibition with an exceptional atmosphere and authenticity. The exhibition was funded with contributions from Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond (9.8 million DKK) and Horsens Municipality (2.8 million DKK).

Now visitors at the Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark, can experience the prison world from several new perspectives, taking the point of view of former inmates as well as guards, as the second phase (of three in total) of the ongoing expansion of the museum’s exhibitions has reopened. Taking up even more space at the former state prison, the exhibitions are more advanced than ever and apply AV-technology to offer the visitors original features. For instance, on arrival guests can choose from ten authentic identities and get a personalized experience facilitated by RFID technology as they move around the premises. The prison comes to life through new technologies, ambient and dramatic historic narratives, animations, lighting, sounds and analogue means, which give adults as well as youngsters authentic and personal insights.


Norwegian World Heritage exhibition

The agency Spekter in Oslo and Kvorning Design & Communication were chosen to develop the concept for the upcoming permanent exhibition about the Norwegian World Heritage sites – locations, buildings, and villages etc. that are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Destined for Ballerup

On 8. May 2015 Ballerup Museum opened the exhibition ‘Destined for Ballerup’ about the Grand Duchess Olga of Russia and other immigrants who have settled in Ballerup over the years. In close collaboration with the museum, Kvorning Design & Communication has provided concept, exhibition design, graphic design and production and implementation for this beautiful, sensory permanent exhibition.

Taking its point of departure in the story of the Russian princess Olga Alexandrovna, who fled the Russian Revolution in 1917, the exhibition explores a series of humane questions and themes, such as ‘What is my culture?’, ‘What is a home?’, ‘Identity as well as ‘Personal choices’. The exhibition tells Olga’s story – from an upbringing in lavish luxury to a life in exile, and the stories of other Russian immigrants and people, who have moved to Ballerup from other countries or other parts of Denmark. The stories are communicated through paintings, artifacts, personal belongings and have been visualized through various types of narrative styles and techniques such as light- and sound effects.