Dover Secret Wartime Tunnels


Kvorning Design & Communication revived a very special chapter of the British wartime history and touched upon the self image of many Brits when remaking and re-enacting The Secret Wartime Tunnels at the museum and experience centre located 26 metres below Dover Castle, England.

The project adds a spectacular scenery and an unseen degree of dramatic staging to the unblemished environment of the castle as well as the tunnel system, making the fortress, which was a well kept secret for ages, a fascinating and intriguing historical site.

Kvorning realized the spectacular re-enactment of the 6.4 km tunnel system below the castle in three storeys through advanced AV-technology, live imagery, projections, lights and sounds. Kvorning also provided a fundamental renewal of this section of the museum as well as new interactive exhibitions – covering in total 6,000 m2 of the museum space. Interactive screens and other means of communication convey intriguing information of the wartime tunnels and help visitors explore modern British wartime history. The Museum and experience centre is managed by English Heritage and opened in June 2011.