Maritime Culture Centre Mariagerfjord


Kvorning design & communication won the competition for a new Maritime Culture Centre in Mariagerfjord, MKM, in liaison with E+N Arkitektur. The project involves design of a new centre building and an exhibition, which shall create better synergies between the cultural values of the centre and the city and harbour area. The approach will be to maintain as many existing tracks as possible and add new building- and landscape-elements which contribute to, and complete, the spirit of the location.

The general approach is to draw attention to the wharf and enhance the current values of the location. It opens the shipyard and gives visitors access to this impressive, unique environment and the fjord – while securing that the values of this oasis are not compromised. The wharf connects the city and MKM.

The new building will contain several fine exhibitions, which introduce shipbuilding as a theme and present typical activities of the old Hobro shipyard. A series of outdoor and indoor spots serve as information points, where visitors can immerse themselves in the themes.