Oct 2018

Biennale of Museum Design

Kvorning Design & Communication is invited to create a concept for the 3rd Biennale of Museum Design, St Petersburg, Russia, on Nov 9-Dec 19, 2018.

Kvorning’s vision for ‘The Dutch House. Dreams of Peter the Great’ at the world famous Peterhof State Museum-Reserve is to tell the story of Peter the Great. How he picked inspiration on ship building, architecture and city planning from Holland. The concept brings not only the precious artefacts from the summer castle Mon Plaisir into the unique White Hall at the main palace. It also recreates fragments of the interior and together with lighting design and projections it creates the dreamy scene.

In 2014, Kvorning Design & Communication also participated in the Biennale working on the exhibition at the Museum of the City Sculpture.