PROJECT: Visitor Centre
LOCATION: Bredebro, Denmark
True passion is essential to making great shoes. Also essential to make a good brand experience. Kvorning’s concept for ECCO visitor centre The Shoe Unfolded tells the story of ECCO. A time travel from 2015 to 1963 and back again.
A story told from a local base but with a global perspective. The story of ECCO’s shoemakers – down to earth, but a unique international brand. The shoe box is a metaphor for the design and scenography in the exhibition space.
A partially unfolded box – a centrally located and oversized element – divides the space in an exciting and surprising way – form walls and gently sloping floors in some places. A very expressive form invites all to explore, immerse themselves and get a nice and different experience in the middle of the rooms.