Interior Design


Interior design should be in line with and support the design profile, the architecture, the company and its mission. Lounge, visitor centre, museum shop, studio, showroom or a string of hotel rooms – to reflect and support the corporate identity.

By visualizing the idea and the concept, Kvorning ensure that the identity is presented appropriately. Visualization is often an integrated part of Kvorning’s interior design solutions. It is the most suitable way to evaluate solutions and help clients make the right decisions as the project proceeds and help the designers adjust details within the team.

Kvorning also take on architectural assignments and transform existing buildings into exhibition spaces, shops, showrooms etc. Making bespoke design of chairs or sofas, lighting, tables, lamps and displays. Providing interior design for Novo GLIA Library, Rådhusapoteket Lyngby, Møntergården, Chas. Hude, Lego Systems and Kvorning.