Climate / The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Kvorning Design & Communication was the winner in an invited ideas competition for a permanent exhibition about the global energy and climate challenge for the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger. Kvorning’s winning proposal will be developed and elaborated in close dialogue with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, thereby guaranteeing both the museum and its partners wide-ranging influence over the concept, content and form of the exhibition.

The shape of the exhibition space forms a natural, opinion-generating component of the facilitation process. A circular exhibition with a central luminous element – an artistically stylized sun, globe or something completely different—that remains to be seen from the dialogue that emerges—immediately grabs the attention of visitors young and old, highlighting the importance of adopting a reflective approach to the energy and climate issue.

A mixture of analog and digital media gives people of all ages the low-down on fossil energy and renewable energy. Sustainability is a ’must’, but can it meet our needs, we wonder?Interactive stations are being considered as an introduction to various forms of energy in a number of Norwegian cities, e.g. an interactive station about electricity, which is generated cheaply by Norway’s many hydroelectric power stations. There are many challenges associated with switching to green energy, but at the same time also many dilemmas.