The Whaling Museum

Kvorning wins international competition about permanent exhibition on turnkey basis for the Whaling Museum in Sandefjord; Europe’s only museum of whales and whaling. The story is told with the museum’s amazing amount of film and visual material, lighting and projections. Models of whaling ships and other ships are showcased. The scenography tells us we are in a town; Tønsberg, Larvik or Sandefjord in Southern Norway.
Then we travel the ocean and the scenography changes completely. Infographic animations of small whaling ships on the floor follow us on our way. Some whales escape the whalers. As the ships and methods become more effective, however, the whales get fewer. On our return trip to Norway, we visit The Canary Islands for bunkering and gifts for our dear ones back home. The Las Palmas dolls make the return more fun. Suddenly they are here – the husbands, fathers, sons – and the families are reunited.

Museum Director Dag Ingemar Børresen, The Whaling Museum, says –
“Kvorning was chosen as exhibition designer due to the company’s broad experience within turnkey exhibitions. Experience, competences and understanding of the museum needs combined with an attractive concept were important criteria that were met in the tender competition. The Whaling Museum looks forward to co-operating with Kvorning on this new and exciting exhibition.”