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Moscow and St Petersburg

Kvorning Design & Communication is involved in a range of exciting Russian exhibition projects. In Moscow, the team and four other international exhibition designers have been selected to re-think and renew the exhibits at one of the city’s biggest and most famous museums. Simultaneous with that, Kvorning will develop a concept for a new minority museum. In St Petersburg, the team is in the process of developing four new museum projects spanning a range of themes, including war, shipbuilding, sport and climate issues.


Saint Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design

Kvorning Design & Communication is the only Danish design agency which has been invited by PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts to participate in the forthcoming biennale. The project will be visualized by historic postcards depicting the city’s monuments. The biennale will open on 15 November 2014 at The State Museum of the City Sculpture.